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Healing Spells 05

Chants And songs
Footprints In The Sand
A Solitary Ritual of Thanks
House Guardian Ritual
Pagan Scriptures - Chapters 1 - 44
Breaking Spells 01


--Red string (embroidery floss)
--Basic altar setup (Salt, Water, Incense, Candle)
The Spell:
Knot or braid the red string into a bracelet while visualizing your need.
You may also want to chant a few words or speak an incantation.
Knot the bracelet seven times. With each knot, say the seven names of the Goddess.
(Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Demetere, Kali, Inanna)
Bless the bracelet with Air by passing it through the Incense three times.
Bless it with Fire by passing it over the Candle three times.
Bless it with Water by passing it over the Chalice three times (you may also want to
sprinkle it with water). Bless it with Earth by passing it over the salt bowl three times.
Each time, visualize each Element empowering your spell. Finally, bless it with Life by
blowing across it three times, and tie it around your wrist with a square knot.
With this say, "With this, the Lord and Lady shall shine light on shadows cast and
keep me from harm's way, let this be done! So mote it be!"


What you will need: any stone , a green candle and a white one
To make the healing stone: take an average stone from your yard or anywhere else
(if you have no yard or they all really suck) or you can purchase one like a tiger's eye.
Once you've got one cast your circle, call your quarters.
Do an alter devotion then cleanse consecrate, and empower it.
Instill the flame of a green candle and a white one to empower it with healing magic and purify it.
While doing this hold your pentacle over it and say as many healing spells as you know.
Then pour holy water on it and you're done.


Timing Monday
Here's what you need: a picture (or item) of the sick person and a golden wish cord
(a thin yellow rope will do just fine) and hold the cord over the picture (or item) and say;
"With knot of one, my spell's begun
tie the 1st knot
"With knot of two my word is true,
With knot of three, I bring healing to thee,
By knot of four, you're better than before,
By knot of five you are no longer six,
By knot of six this spell's alive,
Seventh knot sealed, you are healed"
only half bad: you tie the knots as you say it
only half bad: then you say "So mote it be"


For yourself:
Cast a circle around your bed while you sleep.
Light a black candle to draw out the illness, particularly while sipping a healing tea or
engaging in a healing activity
Ground as often as possible -- the exchange of energy will refresh you.
You can ground by:
-placing hands firmly on the Earth
-hugging a tree
-eating a nutritious meal
Take showers and rub your skin briskly while you wash. The steam from the shower will help
clear stuffed sinuses and the rub down will stimulate circulation and encourage antibodies to go to work.


Ingredients: A Crystal Some Spring Water A Few Pinches of Salt
First purify the crystal by washing it in salt water and then rinsing it.
Then hold it in both hands while closing your eyes and imagining yourself filling with the
healing energy of the crystal. Imagine yourself bathed in a stream of pure energy which
runs from the crystal through your hands and into your body.
Sleep with the crystal under your pillow.


Ingredients: A Handful of Salt
Cast the salt into the flames of a fire. The flames will turn blue.
Gaze into the blue flames and with as much feeling and imagination as you can muster,
visualize the illness leaving the person while incanting:
Sickness burn, Great good health return.


Ingredients: Some violets A Red or Green piece of cloth or cloth bag
Violets have long been thought by occultists to carry strong healing energy.
Put some violets in either a Red (symbolizing strength) or Green (symbolizing regeneration)
bag or piece of cloth and tie it up.
Then, either bury it near the home of the sick person or if they are open to the idea,
give it to them and ask them to keep it on their bedside table until they are well.


Native Americans used hot peppers for headaches. On a radio program on PBS, they were
discussing headaches. A woman called in and said that her father had frequent migraines
and he would carry either a cayenne or jalapeno pepper in a plastic baggie with him.
At the first sign of migraine, he would eat the pepper and no more headache.
She asked if there was any scientific basis for this. They had a guest doctor on the program
who specialized in headaches and he said that there definitely was. Seems as if our nerves
contain a chemical substance that is responsible for feeling pain (I don't remember the name of it).
When you eat the hot pepper, the capsicum which is the "heat" in the pepper depletes the
nerves of that chemical, so we feel no pain.


To be given to a person in need of healing.
Can also be used to bring soothing and healing energies into the home.
Items Needed: -Clear glass vase Blue and clear florist marbles
First cleanse the marbles and vase in cold spring water. Dry gently.
Once_completely dry, begin placing the marbles in the vase carefully while chanting:
Balls of blue Healing true Balls of clear Cleansing here
Use as a center piece or place in a prominent place.


To help cure illnesses, perform this ancient spell from England:
Gather nine quartz crystals (also known as "star-stones") from a running brook.
Fill a cauldron with a quart of water from the same brook, add the quartz crystals,
and then bring to a boil for nine minutes to transfer the curative properties of the
crystals to the water. Drink some of the water each morning for nine consecutive days.
This should help speed your recovery.


Find a place to be alone. This place should be_comfortably lit and free of smoke and
fumes (this includes incense and essential oils). Place two chairs (one_comfortable enough
to relax in) facing each other. Sit in the relaxing chair. Take two slow, deep breaths and
allow your eyes to fall naturally on the other chair. Now instruct your central 'self' (or your
higher self, subconscious mind, or whatever you use for non-conscious workings) to form
an image of the pain in that chair. As the image starts to appear, concentrate on making it
as detailed as possible without letting your conscious mind interfere. Once the image is
_complete, note its appearance and then allow the remainder of your di_comforts to flow
into it (without otherwise empowering it or lending it your energy or essence). When the
transfer is substantially_complete, take two deep, relaxing breaths, stand up, and walk
away (leaving the image in its chair). After an hour or so, the image will dissipate, making
it safe to move the chair.
After you have successfully done this two or three times, you can start streamlining it and
customizing it to suit your own tastes. If the effectiveness starts to fade, return to this
method for a few times.


To help speed recovery from an illness, write the sick person's name on a white human
shaped candle of the correct gender. As you anoint it with 3 drops of myrrh or mint oil,
visualize healing energy in the form of white light flowing from your hands and into the candle.
"In the name of the Goddess who breathes life into us all
I consecrate and charge this candle as a tool for healing"
Place the candle on top of a photograph of the sick person and then light the wick.
As the candle burns down, focus on the person in the photography, willing him/her
to be well again. Then recite:
"Magick mend and candle burn
Sickness end, good health return"
Continue to focus and recite until the candle burns out on it's own.


Needed: Green candle Paper Bowl of salt
You can anoint the candle with a healing oil if desired.
Chant the afflicteds name 10 times calling to God (or whatever your preference is) to heal them.
_come heal (name)
And bring (name) happiness
Never again shall (name) be ill
Snuff out the candle, bury a sheet of paper with the person's name on it in a bowl of salt.


Needed: Candle (Green for healing) Oil (healing) Incense (healing)
Anoint your candle while visualizing the person you wish to heal, see them
in your mind happy and healthy. Then chant:
Wrap thee in cotton Bind thee with love
Protection from pain Surrounds like a glove
May the brightest of blessings Surround thee this night
For thou art cared for Healing thoughts in flight
(Change the words to make the spell your own).


Light three tapers: one red, one green, one purple
Between each candle set a stick of frankincense or myrrh incense
Chant to the smoke while stringing rice in between candles and incense:
"O smoke, rise to my friend and set him/her right again!
To his/her left, or his/her right Set him/her back to proper might" So mote it be!


Requires: Small Bowl Blue Water (use blue food coloring) Mint Blue Cloth or Towel
Casting the Spell:
Cast this spell during the waxing moon for best results.
Pour some water into the bowl, adding a few drops of blue food coloring.
Tear up the mint leaves into the water. Let the leaves stand for 7 minutes.
Take the blue cloth and apply some of the blue water/mint mixture to
whatever is hurting you (or someone else), chanting:
"With the power of the good and the light,
May this ailment be healed within 7 nights."
Keep the mint and water mixture in a safe place. Repeat this process the same time
as before each night for a total 7 nights, only instead of saying "within 7 nights" in the
chant, say the night that you are currently on, ending with "by the end of the night."