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Healing Spell 08

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A Solitary Ritual of Thanks
House Guardian Ritual
Pagan Scriptures - Chapters 1 - 44
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Take several cloves of fresh garlic. (Please don't use the genetically altered, odorless variety.
It has lost its healing virtue.) Place the garlic in a blender with the juice of half a lemon.
Blend until smooth. Add 1 cup raw honey and blend again.
This mixture can be taken as it is in teaspoon doses for a sore throat, or strained through a
cheesecloth and bottled for later use.


If you have a cut or a wound, wash it carefully and then apply chopped or mashed raw
garlic, which will kill any bacteria or viruses. Cover the garlic with a slather of honey and
apply a clean bandage. The honey will keep the wound anaerobic (without oxygen) so
bacteria will be unable to grow in it.



There is a cure for the common cold! Take some ascorbic acid powder (vitamin C crystals),
mix a teaspoon in juice and take hourly until you almost get diarrhea (tolerance).
Stop taking it until the tolerance improves then restart the vitamin C, should be used at
the first sign of a cold, the flu, and allergic reaction of any infection.
Repeat until your symptoms of infection are gone.
This simple therapy works because vitamin C in mega doses acts very much like an antihistamine,
mobilizes your white cells and antibodies and, in general, clears out toxins from your body.
Colds and flu's are also blunted by supplements of zinc gluconate lozenges.
Other natural remedies for flu symptoms include garlic, bioflavinoids, Lactobacillus
acidophilus (found in yogurt), cod or halibut liver oil, propolis and Echinacea.
These may be used as an alternative for those who have trouble taking either
vitamin C or zinc in larger than RDA doses.
One study in adults showed that taking about 10 zinc lozenges (containing 23 mg of zinc)
per day reduced the length of recovery from the_common cold from an average of 10.8 days to 3.9 days.


When you select honey for medicinal use, always buy a variety that is produced by an
apiary local to your area. Ingesting local pollens found in honey can build resistance to
allergies over time. The honey should be raw, not heated or processed.


Take a six-inch ginger root and slice it. Put it in a non-aluminum pot with about 3 cups of
fresh water. Cover the pot tightly and bring to a simmer. Allow the water to simmer (not boil)
for about twenty minutes. Remove from the stove and add the juice of half a lemon, a pinch
of cayenne pepper, and honey to taste. This is a great remedy for bronchitis and flu.


Take several cloves of fresh garlic. (Please don't use the genetically altered, odorless variety.
It has lost its healing virtue.) Place the garlic in a blender with the juice of half a lemon.
Blend until smooth. Add 1 cup raw honey and blend again.
This mixture can be taken as it is in teaspoon doses for a sore throat, or strained through a
cheesecloth and bottled for later use.


If you have a cut or a wound, wash it carefully and then apply chopped or mashed raw
garlic, which will kill any bacteria or viruses. Cover the garlic with a slather of honey and
apply a clean bandage. The honey will keep the wound anaerobic (without oxygen) so
bacteria will be unable to grow in it.


The Full Moon lasts about three days. It is a very intense phase. Many women still ovulate with the
Full Moon. This is the time to apply the most powerful herbs. Use cayenne capsules to
treat infections of any kind. Goldenseal is a well-known herbal antibiotic. Echinacea and lomatium
are anti-viral. Dong quai is an excellent herb for female hormonal fluctuations.
Energy healing work during the Full Moon is very powerful. On the energetic level, it acts like a
magnifying mirror. The strong lunar energy pulls everything out of hiding and reflects it back at us.
This is often the time during an acute illness when people feel their worst. The Full Moon intensifies
whatever else is going on. Often people aren't even aware that they're sick until the Full Moon hits.
This is also an excellent time for psychological therapy. Emotions seem closer to the surface than
usual and social inhibitions melt away. Agendas that have been simmering under the surface tend
to_come out under the light of the Full Moon. This is a time to strengthen relationships and reaffirm
bonds. Never underestimate the healing power of simply holding someone's hand and listening.
This is not the time for isolation or introspection . The Full Moon draws all of life toward it.
Even the solid ground rises several inches when the Full Moon passes overhead!


The waning Moon is the best time to employ therapeutic fasts. Avoid drastic fasting.
There is usually no need to starve the body to heal it. However, it may be helpful to limit
your intake to juices and soups for a few days during the waning Moon, particularly when
struggling with the flu. Use purifying herbs in moderation at this time. Sage,
usnea, ginger, lemon, thyme, lavender, and peppermint are all cleansing and clearing herbs.
The waning Moon is also a good time to do sweats and diaphoretic (sweat producing) baths.
In addition, if you are trying to kick a habit, do it during the waning phase.
Use energy healing techniques to sever unhealthy bonds and strengthen boundaries.


The New Moon is as powerful in its own way as the Full Moon. It is a time for taking stock.
It is a phase of hibernation, retreat, and contemplation. Avoid crowds and gatherings and
seek a little time for yourself. Rest is crucial during the New Moon.
Simple foods and quiet times are powerful healers. Many women menstruate with the New Moon.
It is natural to want to curl up in bed with a good book and nice cup of chamomile tea.
Stronger nervines (relaxing herbs) are skullcap, hops, catnip, oatstraw, and valerian.
After the New Moon ends and that first crescent appears, then the healing lunar cycle
begins all over again. Most acute diseases do not last a full lunar cycle.
The information in this article is only intended to be an educational tool, not a prescription.
It is always wise to consult with your health care provider when experiencing any illness or di_comfort.
Awareness of the rhythms of nature can assist you and your health care provider in
determining the best course of treatment at any given time. Naturally, some conditions
will require that you apply therapies that don't necessarily "fit" with the phase of the Moon.


Prepare the space which you use as an altar by placing a white candle,
a piece of paper, an ink pen, a quartz crystal, something which could represent
a cauldron (I used a mortar from a pestle and mortar in the kitchen) and some oil -
I used frankincense but that is horribly expensive, I got it as a present and only use it very occasionally.
Cast the circle in whichever way you see fit. I normally start at the east and use the
visualization techniques suggested - tracing a pentacle of blue fire in the air at each
corner and visualizing its element - so at the east visualize a wide open plain with
wind rushing across it, at the south feel the sun beat down on you and fill you with
great warmth, at the west imagine yourself standing atop a cliff overlooking a wide,
deep ocean, and at the north picture yourself standing at the foot of great mountains
cloaked in dark forests. Then collect yourself, focus your mind and go back to your altar.
At the altar, set your mind clearly to what you intend to do. Then light the candle, saying
"I dedicate this candle to thee, Lord Apollo the Physician, and ask your aiding in fighting this illness."
Breathe deeply for a while, feeling the power within the circle pool inside you, and when
you feel ready, find a word which most typifies the illness for you - it could be its name (I chose "meningitis"), it could be the way it makes you feel ("misery" for example) -
either way it has to represent the illness for you. Now, write the word on the piece of
paper, and as you do it say "I imbue thee, paper, with the essence of this illness - thou
shalt represent it for me in this ritual." Put the paper down, and then douse it with the oil, saying
"With this oil I prepare thee, ."
Hold the paper to the flame and set light to it. Be careful!
Oil soaked paper burns A LOT faster than you expect it to. Drop it into the cauldron, saying
"With fire I vanquish thee, , in the name of Apollo the Physician I destroy thee, "
Repeat this phrase three times. Finally, center yourself again and hold the quartz crystal to your third eye.
Breathe deeply and use the crystal as a resonator for the energy around you.
If you are healing yourself, let the energy from the ritual which is inside the circle focus in the
crystal and enter you, healing you and making you healthy and strong. If you are healing
someone else, use the crystal to focus the energy of the ritual again but this time use it like
a transmitter, sending the energy out along a shining path to heal your loved one.
When this is done, thank Apollo for his presence - I said
"I thank thee, Lord Apollo, for your presence here tonight - farewell, Lord!".
Then close the circle by thanking each of the directions, starting at north and ending at
east, and ground the energy - I always do this by reciting
"Circle open but unbroken, power down to the ground,"
and pound my staff or stamp on the floor three times to let the energy flow out of me
back into the earth. You can leave the candle burning as long as you like - perhaps
until you get a sign that you or the sufferer is improving might be a nice idea.


A technique for rapid healing from injuries that often is effective is to go back in your mind to the
moment of the accident and visualize as clearly and nearly as possible the exact event except
change a detail /details so that the accident, injury, trauma , does not happen you are not in any
way hurt, repeat the visualization over and over make it as real as possible ,if it is practical to act
out the event as closely as possible in the physical world - as almost slamming the door on your
hand that can make this even more effective. If you are in pain and the pain is reduced then its
ok to drop the visualization but keep reinforcing this vision . Theoretically this is more effective if
done soon after an injury but I have used it on injuries and traumatic experiences from years
back with good results.


You can use the Stone of Luck spell for anything, love, money, health, wealth, spirit awareness, etc.
The key to this empowerment is concentration and belief.
When you have_completed this spell, carry the stone around with you.
Eventually you will start to get what you want.
What you need:
1 Small stone of your choice (any kind) 1 candle (correct color for what you want)
Appropriate herbs Appropriate incense Salt Water A cloth
Oil (either olive, jasmine, or mint) Some bowls (glass or crystal)
First you need to meditate on what you want, be it money, love, better health....whatever you want.
After you feel you have meditated long enough, you may start the spell.
Light the candle and incense. (Be sure you have all of the things you need with you.)
Hold the rock in your power hand. Concentrate on what you want.
Run the rock through the flame 3 times. Then put it into the water.
Cup your hands over the bowl. Then take the rock out of the water and sprinkle the herbs on it.
After you have done that, put the rock into a dry bowl. Visualize yourself getting what you want.
Then anoint the rock with the oil and put the rock back into the dry bowl.
Sprinkle some salt onto the rock. Concentrate more.
Then wrap the rock in the cloth and leave it for at least 24 hours.
Let the candle and incense burn all the way out. Dispose of the water. So mote it be!


Mix together 1 oz of chickweed (reduces inflammation and aids in healing), 1 oz of
wormwood (a great pain reliever), and 1 ounce of yarrow (an anti-bacterial agent that
also helps relieve pain). The yarrow plant contains achillein and achilleic acid.
These substances reduce the clotting time of blood, so they help stop any bleeding.
Yarrow also has pain-killing and anti-inflammatory properties that are similar to aspirin.
Add the mixture of herbs to 2 pints of olive oil and simmer 3 hours.
Strain and add 3 ounces of beeswax and 1 teaspoon of tincture of benzoin.
Test for consistency before pouring into wide mouth containers.


Place 1 ounce of the buds in 1 pint of hot olive oil and allow to simmer, covered, 3 hours.
Strain and add 1-1/2 oz of beeswax and 1/2 tsp. tincture of benzoin to the strained mixture.
Test for consistency and place in sterile jar.
This is a good salve to use on burns, scratches, swelling injuries. Also good for any skin eruptions.
The signature of balm of Gilead is the resin exudation covering the buds.
It contains salicin, which is also found in aspirin.
It has some of the same pain-killing and anti-inflammatory properties as aspirin.


This is to be done on a rainy night outdoors.
Stand in the rain and let it touch you - do not wear heavy clothing to protect yourself from it.
Call the rain and draw it down harder. Cast no circle, lest the pain stay trapped within it.
When the downpour b_comes heavy, begin. Say the incantation charged full of emotion
and let it_come from the heart.
"Rain, take the pain.
Rain, take the pain.
Rain, take the pain.
Rain, take the pain.
Rain, take the pain.
Rain, take the pain.
Rain, wash away my pain.
Cry for me and take away my tears.
Rain, wash away my pain.
Cry for me and take away my fears."
Hold palms open to the sky and let the rain fill them. Wash your face and eyes with it.
Repeat this three times.
"Let the tears fall, with the water,
into the earth, into the rock."
Let the pain go, release the energy.
Let it wash away. Imagine it leaving you and entering the earth bound by rock.


Items needed: 2 Bowls warm water
Bless or empower the water as you see fit. Pray to the God and Goddess and ask them to
aid in healing, then send as much personal energy as you can into the water. Lie upon
the bare earth (if not possible, floor is ok). Have each hand in a separate bowl of warm water,
arms stretched out to the sides.
Visualize roots sprouting from the base of your spine, going down into the earth. Breath deeply,
and with each deep, slow inhalation, feel the roots burrow deeper into the earth. See a bright
light at the center. See your roots penetrate it. Now with each slow, deep breath, draw up
the energy from this light into you.
See two streams of light begin to_come from the sky, one stream into each bowl. Feel the
love of the God fill the bowl to your left, feel the love of the Goddess fill the bowl to the right.
Draw this love from the bowls into your body through your hands. Collect the love energy
from the bowls and the energy from the earth into your heart, where your most personal
energy is kept. Build all the energy here until you can contain it no more.
When you can no longer contain the energy in your heart, release the energy to flood
your entire body, and shout as loud as you can "HEAL ME!!!" at the same time as the release.
Continue to draw the energy for a while, letting it flow through your body, and spilling onto
the ground. Relax, and enjoy the peace that will settle over you.
After you have relaxed for a while, draw up your roots into your body, remove your hands
from the water, and sit up. Take a sip from the bowl to your left, and thank the God for his
love, then spill it at the base of a tree. Then take a sip from the bowl at your right, and thank
the goddess for her love, then spill it upon the same tree. In the future, care for this tree.


To send out positive "healing" vibrations to the planet, perform this spell during an
eclipse or when the Moon is in a waxing phase. Arrange seashells on a secluded beach
to form a magic circle at least five feet in diameter. (If you do not have access to a beach,
you may perform this spell in a forest or secluded garden using stones, branches and/or
flowers to form the circle.) Kneel in the center of the circle, facing the ocean. Light a blue
candle and a stick of incense and place them before you. Raise your arms high with palms
up in the traditional Witch's prayer position, and recite the following chant:
With smoke and flame This spell's begun.
O Goddess of the stars,
Moon and the Sun,
Let the healing power begin.
Let the Earth be whole again.
The earth is my Mother
And I am Her child.
The Earth is my lover
Free and wild.
Heal on the outside; Heal within,
Land and sea, fire and wind.
With love sincere I chant this prayer
To make mankind begin to care.
Let every sister and every brother
Heal the wounds of the Great Earth Mother.
Let the healing power begin,
Let the Earth be whole again.
Heal on the outside; Heal within,
Land and sea, fire and wind


Pick some rue on the night of a full moon, with your left hand. As you pick it say:
Rue, Rue, Pure and True,
Cleansing powers I claim of you,
That (name of person) may no longer be
Suffering from their malady.
Pour some water on the plant as a libation for taking some of it.
Place the rue in a glass of pure spring water on your altar for 24hrs, having circled it
with salt, preferably kosher salt. After this time, return to the altar and place four black
candles at the cardinal points within the circle of salt.
Light the north candle (Earth) first, saying,
This candle is symbolic of the manifestation of Earth in the disease of (name of person).
By the power of (your God/deity), we abjure it's ability to harm (name of person).
Light the south candle (Fire) and say,
This candle is symbolic of pain caused to (name of person) and by the power of
(your God/deity) we dissolve it's ability to cause pain.
Light the east candle (Air) and say,
This candle is symbolic of the mental torment brought to (name of person).
By the power of (your God/deity) we dissolve it's ability to affect (name of person) mentally.
Light the west candle (Water) and say,
This candle is symbolic of the barrier to_compassion withheld from (name of person)
In the power of (your God/deity) we break down this barrier.
This is done in the name of (your God/deity).
Leave the candles to burn out. Collect the salt and the rue and place them in a small
red flannel pouch. Present the pouch to the person for whom the rite has been done
as a talisman or amulet to aid his or her recovery from the illness. This spell is best
done in the latter half of the third quarter of the waning moon.


To quiet a troubled mind, mend a broken heart, or heal a wounded spirit, you will
need the following items:
1 DOVE FEATHER (preferably one that crosses your path by chance, but definitely
one which has NOT been plucked, but has fallen naturally.)
2 BLUE CANDLES (for healing, tranquillity, peace and _mysticmagicspells.orgiveness)
LAVENDER BATH SALTS OR OIL (for love, peace, happiness, purification and protection)
1 CINNAMON STICK (OR CHIPS) (for spirituality, success, healing, power, love and protection)