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The Spiritual Laws of Witchcraft

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A Solitary Ritual of Thanks
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Pagan Scriptures - Chapters 1 - 44
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The Law

We are of the Old Ways, among those who walk with the God and Goddess and receive their love.

Keep the Sabbats and Esbats to the best of your abilities, for to do otherwise would lessen your connections with the God and Goddess.

Harm None! This, the oldest of our laws, is NOT open to interpretation or change.

Shed not blood in ritual, the God and Goddess need not the blood of their children to be duly worshiped. To do so is to pervert their most sacred creations. Life is MOST sacred.

Those of our ways are kind to all creatures, for hurtful thoughts and actions are draining and are not worth the loss of energy. Misery is self-creating; so, too is joy, so create joy and disdain misery and unhappiness. And this is within your power. So, harm not.

Teach only what you know , to the best of your ability, to those students whom you choose, but teach not to those who would use your instructions for destruction or the control of others. Also, teach not to boost your pride, for ever remember: h/she who teaches for vain-glory shall take little pride in her/his work; h/she who teaches out of love shall be enfolded in the arms of the God and Goddess.

Ever remember that if you keep of our way, keep the law close to your heart, for it is the nature of the Wicca to keep the law.

When ever the need arises, any law may be altered or changed and new laws be written to replace them. So, as long as the new laws do not break the oldest law of them all: HARM NONE!

The Spiritual Laws of Witchcraft

Witches know that no truths are absolute. There is no one absolute truth for anything. There is no one way to interpret reality, behave, think, or live. Therefore there is no single way to practice magick, pray, celebrate the seasons or spirituality. The idea that there is only one truth to any question leads to fanaticism, compulsion, and persecution.

Witches understand that the Universe is in perfect harmony and balance. Therefore, everything has an equal and opposite, not necessarily equated to a negative. For example: male and female, light and darkness, up and down, positive and negative, left and right.

Witches realize that for every action there is a reaction. Most of us view this as the Law of Karma. Therefore if you create evil, you will receive evil inn return, create good and receive good in return. Harmony begets harmony, evil begets evil, and balance begets balance.

Witches know and realize that we are all one. We are connected. Everything that you do to another, influences yourself either directly or indirectly.

A Witch should never close his or her mind to knowledge of any kind. It is through the continuous process of learning that we raise our personal vibration and our attunement to Deity.

A Witch acknowledges the Magickal Circle as Holy Ground. Therefore a Witch shall purify him/herself before entering or casting a Circle. All notions of hatred, arguments, or prejudices of any kind have no place within Circle.

Witches use the energies around themselves to effect change within their lives and the lives of others. These energies are manifest as the 5 Elements ( Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit). The Witch becomes a conduit for the Divine and Earthly energies used during Magick and Ritual.

Witches use common sense and wisdom and do not share the Mysteries with common fools. The Mysteries are not to be wasted in this, or any other manner.

Witches do not point out the identity of other Witches. Discrimination still haunts many of us. If one brings about such an incident, he/she is directly responsible for the harm that befalls the one revealed.

The Wiccan Way

Recognizing that there is more that one path to spiritual enlightenment, that Wicca is but one of many, and that Wicca holds within itself that there is more than one type of step-set to the spiral dance. Find here listed , the common denominators of the Craft.

1. That there is above all, the Goddess in her threefold aspect, and many are her names. With all of her names, we call her - Maiden, Mother, and Crone.

2. That there is a God and by which ever name we so choose to call him, he is consort, husband, lover, and Sun, and most willing of sacrifice.

3. That ye harm none, do what ye will. This be the law.

4. That each of their children are bound by the Threefold Law, and whatever we create, be it laughter or pain, joy or sorrow, is returned to thee threefold.

5. That as the Mother of All living things, and we are her children, we seek to live in harmony, not only with each other, but with the Earth, that which is our womb and our home.

6. That death is NOT the end of existence, but a step in the ongoing circle of life.

7. That there is NO sacrifice of blood, for she is the mother of All living things and from all things proceed unto her, and unto her, all things return. Killing is for survival and defense only.

8. That each and everyone of their children that follows this path has no need of another between themselves and the God and Goddess.

9. That there shall not by intent, be a desecration of another’s symbols or beliefs, for we are all seeking harmony with Deity.

10. That each person’s faith is private unto her/himself, and that another’s beliefs are not to be set out and made public.

11. That the Wiccan Way is not to seek converts, but that the Way is to be made pen to those, who, for whatever reason, seek and find the craft.

12. And As It Is Willed...So Mote It Be!