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Invocations 02

Chants And songs
Footprints In The Sand
A Solitary Ritual of Thanks
House Guardian Ritual
Pagan Scriptures - Chapters 1 - 44
Breaking Spells 01


Math, guide me with thy wisdom,

Pwyll, guide me with thy strength,

Lleu, guide me with thy inspiration,

Manawyddan, guide me with thy justice.

Rhiannon, fill me with thy fullness,

Govannon, shield me with thy shade,

Gwydion, fill me with thy grace,

For the sake of the Three Worlds and their kings.

For the One who was stolen on Beltane's Eve,

For the One who hides himself in the woods,

For the One who stood on the rim of the Cauldron,

For the sake of the Three that are One,

And that One who is lover to the Three.

So mote it be!



Be thy soft breast, O Branwen, under my head,

Be thy light, O Arianrhod, over me shining.

And be the pentagram of the five elements over me down,

From the crown of my head to the soles of my feet,

From the crown of my head to the soles of my feet.

O Llew without offence, betrayed cruelly,

Under bans of geis Thou wert slain,

With one foot on the rim of day,

And the other on the beast of night,

Only then does the spear of twilight free Thee.

O Thou King of the Summer Sunlight,

Who now can say in what season

The Lion, betrayed by the Virgin, on the point of Balance,

Is transformed into the Eagle?

I journey with Thee into the Land of Darkness.

Be the runes of Gwydion and Math over me tonight,

Be my spirit soaring on the wings of an eagle,

Be my spirit shielded within your pinions, Brightness of the


Valiant Llew, carry my spirit safely

To the light of a new dawn.

So mote it be.



Come I this day to the Mother,

Come I this day to the Maiden,

Come I to the Crone of Wisdom;

Come I this day with the Goddess,

Come I this day with the God,

Come I with the Spirit of Nature.

Gods and Spirits and Elements,

From the crown of my head

To the soles of my feet;

Come I with my vision,

Come I with my magic,

Come I to thee, my Lady--

Mother, shelter me.



O Rhiannon! tonight

Thou Queen of three worlds,

Thou guiltless Mother

Who didst suffer full sore,

By curse of the wicked,

And wast dishonoured.

Save me from evil,

Save me from harm,

Save Thou my body,

Consecrate me tonight,

O Rhiannon! tonight,

Nor leave me.

Endow me with magic,

Thou Queen out of Faery,

Guide me aright,

Guide me in thy wisdom,

O Rhiannon! in thy love

Shelter me.



I am placing my spirit and my body

In thy circle this night, O Mother,

In thy circle, O blessed Maiden,

In thy circle, O Crone of perfect wisdom,

The Three who would defend my cause,

Nor turn their backs upon me.

Thou, Mother, who art bountiful and generous,

Thou, Maiden, who didst return from Annwn,

Thou, Grandmother of power,

Be keeping me this night from harm;

The Three who would consecrate me

Keeping me this night and always.



Grandmother, give me of thy wisdom,

Mother, give me of thine abundance,

Maiden, give me in my need,

Beneath the shield of the Horned One.

I lie down tonight,

With the Triad of Strength,

With the Mother, with the Maiden,

And with the Crone of Night.


O Arawn of the Hunt,

Lord of Annwn,

Who wert sorely oppressed

Under ban of the ardent,

Shield Thou me this night

From Hafgan.

My spirit in Thine own realm, O Lord,

Thou the King of the Country of Youth,

And Thine in my own realm

To guard my body as it lies sleeping in Abred.

Thou it was who exchanged thy shape, O King,

With Pwyll, Lord of Dyfed.

Protect Thou me because of my fealty,

For the sake of Pwyll, my Lord; and Rhiannon, my Lady; and I

their child.

And take me in safety tonight

Near to the Land of Promise,

And bring me in safety again

Back to the world of Abred.



In the name of the Lady,

And of the Awen of Inspiration,

In the name of the Lord of the Wildwood,

I lay me down to rest.

If there be evil threat or quirk,

Or covert act intent on me,

Then free me and encircle me,

And drive from me mine enemy.

In the the name of the Mother darksome,

And of the four Guardian Spirits,

In the name of the Lord of the Hunt,

I lay me down to rest.

* * * * * * * * *

Please aid me and encircle me,

From this hour till the hour of my passing.



I lie down tonight

With fair Modron and with her Son,

With pure-white Mabon,

And with Branwen beneath her mantle.

I lie down with Magic,

And Magic will lie down with me,

I will not lie down with Cythraul,

Nor shall Cythraul lie down with me.

O God of the Mound,

Shield me this night,

Open the secret door

To thy treasure-house.

For the many deeds

I have done for thee.

For the many songs

I have sung of thee.

Thou King under the Hills,

Invite me into thy dwelling-place,

While setting wards around my bed,

And encompass me in thy hosting.

So mote it be.



I am lying down tonite as beseems

In the company of the Maiden of ringlets,

In the company of the Mother of plenty,

In the company of the Crone of powerful aid.

I am lying down tonight with the Goddess,

And the Goddess tonight will lie down with me,

I will not lie down tonight with evil, nor shall

Evil nor evil's shadow lie down with me.

I am lying down tonight with Magic,

And Magic this night will lie down with me,

I will lie down this night with the Triad of my love,

And the Triad of my love will lie down with me.



I am now going into the sleep,

Be it that I in health shall waken;

If passing be to me in the death-sleep,

Be it that with thy Wild Ride,

O God of the Hunt, I in gladdness shall waken,

Be it with thy hosting,

O Gwyn ap Nudd, that I in mirth shall waken.

Be my spirit as a circle of stars

Around your white neck, O Queen of Heaven;

Thou it was who gavest me the gift of life,

Thou it was who brought me from the Cauldron.

Encircle me this night, O Goddess,

That no harm, no evil shall befall.

Whilst my body is dwelling in the sleep,

My spirit is soaring in the shadow of Annwn,

Be the red-white Hounds meeting my spirit,

Early and late, night and day,

Early and late, night and day.

So mote it be.