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Invocations 03

Chants And songs
Footprints In The Sand
A Solitary Ritual of Thanks
House Guardian Ritual
Pagan Scriptures - Chapters 1 - 44
Breaking Spells 01


I am lying down tonight,

With Mother, with Maiden,

With the Crone of Wisdom,

Who shield me from harm.

I will not lie down with Cythraul,

Nor shall Cythraul lie down with me,

But I will lie down with the Goddess,

And the Goddess will lie down with me.

Lady and Maiden and Sacred Crone,

Within the Circle of the nine sacred flowers,

Be protecting me as Three and as One,

From the brow of my face to the soles of my feet.

I charge Pwyll, I charge Arawn,

I charge Modron, I charge Mabon,

I charge the trustful Hounds of Annwn,

To preserve me from hurt and harm;

O from dying tonight!

From dying tonight!

Thou Queen of the moon and of mystery,

Thou Maiden, daughter of the Goddess fair,

Thou Crone, mother of the ancient gods,

Keep thou us from the house of grief and doom,

Keep us from the land of sorrow,

From the house of grief and doom.



Goddess, give charge to the blessed Sidhe,

To keep guard around this stead tonight,

A circle sacred, strong, and steadfast,

That will preserve and contain this spirit-shrine.

Safeguard, dear Goddess, this household tonight,

Ourselves and our means and our fame,

Deliver us from death, from distress, from harm,

From the fruits of envy and of enmity.

Give thou to us, O Goddess of Love,

Reverence toward all thy children,

To live in harmony in the Middle World,

And to enjoy thy love in the Bright World.



Thou Spirit of Light who hast charge of me,

From the fragrant Mother of all Nature,

The gentle encompassing of thy Silver Circle

To make round my spirit-shrine this night,

Oh, round my spirit-shrine this night.

Ward from me every distress and danger,

Encircle my course over the ocean of life,

I charge thee, place thy silver light before me,

O bright beauteous Spirit on this very night,

Bright beauteous Spirit on this very night.

Be Thyself the guiding star above me,

Illume Thou to me every reef and shoal,

Pilot my coracle on the crest of the wave,

To the restful harbour of the waveless sea,

Oh, the restful harbour of the waveless sea.



I lie in my bed

As I would lie in the faery mound,

Thine arm beneath my neck,

Thou Lady (Lord) of the Sidhe.

Shining Ones shall watch me

And I lying in slumber,

And Bright Ones shall guard me

In the sleep of the mound.

Pwyll shall be at my back,

Llew shall be at my feet,

Manawyddan shall be before me,

And Math shall be at my head.

The Lady shall be with my spirit,

The bright cauldron of my love!

And Amaethon the Physician

Shall put the glamour to my eye,

The Physician of the Bright Ones

Shall put the glamour in my eyes.



Thanks be to thee, my Lady, for

Bringing me from the beauty of night

To the gladsome light of this day,

To win love and knowledge and power,

Through understanding your deepest secrets.

Praise be to thee, gracious Goddess,

For the blessings thou didst bestow on me--

My thoughts, my speech, my works, my desires.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

And I charge thee

To shield me from harm,

To ward me from hurt,

To sain me from evil,

To teach me thy mysteries,

O Goddess of all mysteries!

Grant me thy wisdom along with thy magic.

May the Shining Ones claim me,

And protect me on sea and on land,

And lead me on from step to step,

To the counsels of the Four Cities,

The magic of the Four Cities!



Thanks be to thee, my Lady, for

Bringing me from the beauty of night

To the joyous light of this day,

Courage, generosity, and beauty

To earn for my spirit

With good intent.

And for every gift of faery

Thou bestowest on me,

My thoughts, my words,

My deeds, my desires

I consecrate to Thee.

I honour Thee,

I ask of Thee

To keep me from ill fortune,

And to shield me tonight,

For the sake of my devotion,

With thy teaching of mysteries.



O Powerful Goddess,

Ward the house, the fire, the animals,

And everyone who dwells herein tonight.

Shield myself and my beloved Coven,

Preserve us from violence and from harm;

Preserve us from foes and evil intent,

For the sake of She who stands at the crossroads

And He who hides himself in the hilltop fire,

In this place, and in every place wherein they dwell tonight,

On this night and every night.



Goddess, bless the world and all that is in it.

Goddess, bless my bed-mate(s) and my children,

Goddess, bless the eye that is in my head,

And bless, O Goddess, the handling of my art;

What time I rise in the morning,

What time I lie down at night,

Bless my rising in the morning,

And my lying down at night.

Goddess, protect the Coven, and the Covenstead,

Goddess, consecrate the Children of the Mother,

Goddess, encircle the flocks and the young;

Be thou after them and tending them,

What time the flocks ascend hill and wold,

What time I lie down to sleep,

What time the flocks ascend hill and wold,

What time I lie down in peace to sleep.



Goddess, bless the house,

From site to stay,

From beam to wall,

From end to end,

From ridge to basement,

From balk to roof-tree,

From found to summit,

Found and summit.



To whom shall I offer oblation

In name of the Leanan Sidhe?

I will give some of my means

To the forsaken illustrious Ones.

Because of all that I have seen,

Of thy magic and of thy mystery,

Call my spirit unto thee, O Daughter of Manannan,

Nor leave me ever.

Remember me in great Belgata,

Within thy cloak encircle thou me;

Sweetheart of the Fair Ones, do not forsake me.

My wish it were ever to be near thee.

Give to me the handfasting garment,

Be Fair Folk conversing with me in every need,

Be the holy Watchers protecting me,

The fair Danu and thou, Aine of grace,

The fair Danu and thou, Aine of grace.



Hail, Brigit! hail, Brigit!

Queen of healing, Mother of poetry,

Hail, Brigit, forge of our vision,

Fount of our knowledge, source of our joy.

To thee we, night and day,

Hidden children of the Goddess,

Lift our voices in reverence,

In mirth and gaity and laughter.

Bestow upon us, thou candle of gladness,

Since thou art the flame of knowledgable crafts,

The healing art of Dian Cecht, the poetic art of Ogma,

And the art of making of Goibhniu.

Vouchsafe to us, thou silver branch,

An island in the realm of peace,

Safe from the waves of peril and stress,

Beneath the shade of thy scented apple trees.