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The Principles of Witchcraft

Chants And songs
Footprints In The Sand
A Solitary Ritual of Thanks
House Guardian Ritual
Pagan Scriptures - Chapters 1 - 44
Breaking Spells 01

I believe:

That I am a child of the Mother Goddess and Father God.

That you cannot have male without female and female without male.

That the love I share will come back to me threefold.

That the hate I share will come back to me threefold.

That energy around me can be manipulated.

That all things can be mine, both good and bane.

That on one's death, you cross into a beautiful land and are with the ones you love- forever, if you so choose to stay, if not, you may come back as you see fit.

That we are all here to evolve and to grow, and that the ultimate gift of that evolution is God/Goddess-hood.

That we are always loved by the God and Goddess.

That positive is not possible without negative and negative without positive.

That we are responsible for our own lives and nothing happens as a result of "bad-luck."

That there is no such thing as an all-white or all-black Witch.

That there is no such thing as ultimate evil or ultimate good. Nothing can be 100% one way or the other.

That I am solely responsible for my evolution as a being, not a minister, therapist, political figure or the like.

That I may call upon the God and Goddess in their infinite aspects/personages whenever and wherever I so choose.

That I should thank the God and Goddess for every day and every night in my life, and everything in it.

That my life is sacred and precious.

That all life is sacred and precious.

That I must HARM NONE, the oldest and most sacred law of Witchcraft and Wicca.

That I must strive to love all and to understand.

That I must learn to accept all, for we are all children of the God and Goddess.

That the Earth is our Mother and our womb, and she is to be cherished and respected.

That a person that is gay or bi-sexual is not evil or abnormal.

That there is No Hell! Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

That everyone deserves to procreate if they so choose.

That if someone cannot procreate, they should be allowed to adopt freely and without bias.

That we must accept full-responsibility for those that we bring into this world or take-on as a parent or guardian with no exceptions.

That the idea that suffering in this life with the thought that everything will be better in heaven is both irresponsible and incorrect. The God and Goddess has given us everything we need here and now, not given with the idea of "later."

That love is the greatest blessing and the greatest gift.

That perfect love is one of the most important lessons we are here to learn.

That the God and Goddess are and express perfect love to us all.

That each being has the right to freely choose his/her path in life without the fear of guilt or shame.

That all experiences, both good and bad are to teach us what we need to learn and evolve in our lives.

That dwelling in the past or by being obsessive about the future is a waste of time. Be here and now ...first, and most importantly.

That to abuse or use anyone or anything for personal gain or otherwise is a very serious offense to yourself and the God and Goddess.

That no other person or being of any kind is better or inferior than you or I.

That each of us has our own unique set of skills, talents, and abilities in this incarnation, we must discover what we have and use them to grow and evolve.

That we must learn and respect each other for his/her own unique set of skills, talents, and abilities.

That everyone deserves the same rights and dignities as everyone else.

That everyone is here for each other as well as for ourselves, we are all in this together.