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Pagan Scriptures - Chapters 22 - 44

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Chapter 22 - 28

Chapter Twenty-Two

1. To those who have wronged you, if you release those debts, they shall be forgiven them.

2. If you retain the debts against them that have wronged you, they shall not be forgiven. Then must they seek to pay the debts that their karma shall be made whole again.

Chapter Twenty-Three

1. Do not be a partaker of another's debts.

2. Do not associate your karma with the karma of those who are weighted with debt and have not turned towards the Light.

3. But try to keep your karma whole, that in time, you shall attain karmic purity.

4. For only when we are karmically pure may we move into the Light.

5. To be as One with our spiritual Mother and Father.

6. Only when we are karmically pure can we break that seemingly endless cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.

7. Therefore, keep your eyes turned towards the Light.

8. Let every action, thought, and word be a blessing to you and a beacon to those you meet along the way.

9. Hold fast to the faithful words of the Mother and Father of All Life.

10. And you harm none, do what you will.

Chapter Twenty-Four

1. When two people meet and they find love.

2. If they decide to become one, then they should go before a Priest or Priestess who will perform the handfasting ceremony.

3. And these two shall become one.

4. Yet will they remain individuals.

5. And the Priest or Priestess shall write a license of handfasting.

6. And there shall be three copies.

7. A copy, one for each of those who have come together for that ceremony.

8. And a third copy to be kept by the Priest or Priestess.

9. And should two people meet and find love.

10. If there is no temple and no Priest or Priestess to perform the ceremony.

11. Then shall these two perform the handfasting ceremony together upon an altar to the Light or to the God and Goddess.

12. And there shall be written three licenses of handfasting.

13. One for each of the individuals who have come together in this union.

14. And the other given to a friend who will hold it safekeeping.

15. And when these two come together, they shall not try to take the individuality away from the other.

16. Although the two are one in this union of love.

17. Yet are they still two.

18. Each retaining their own individuality.

19. Therefore should they accept each other in love and shall not seek to change the other.

20. One should not pull one way and the other another way.

21. Should there be disagreements, they shall sit together and discuss them and come to an arrangement.

22. So shall the two keep their individuality, remaining themselves and not one becoming the other.

23. And in this way, the two shall truly be one in love and life.

24. And should these two be male and female.

25. And to them children born.

26. Then shall they raise the children in love, patience, kindness and understanding.

27. And as a child grows, the parents shall allow the child to learn of all ways, of all things, of all lifestyles.

28. In this way, the child will be able to make a more informed decision when he or she is older.

29. The parents shall not force the child to believe in one way or the other.

30. But shall allow the child to believe in those things which bring peace, love, and kindness to the heart and to the life, to the soul and to the individuality of the child.

Chapter Twenty-Five

1. When two people who have loved and gone before a Priest or Priestess for the Ceremony of Handfasting and have decided it would be best for them to part, then shall they go before a Priest or Priestess for the Ceremony of Handparting.

2. And when these two go before the Priest or Priestess, they shall take with them, each of them, their copies of the handfasting.

3. And the Priest or Priestess shall sit in council with this couple to help them decide in a just way in the parting of their possessions.

4. And should this couple have children, then shall the Priest or Priestess sit in council with the couple and help them to manage the time and the seasons that each shall spend with the child.

5. When the Priest or Priestess has decided that the couple has discussed all things and have made arrangements to the benefit of both partners and the children, should there be any children involved.

6. Then shall the Priest or Priestess take the copies of the handfasting to the altar and there two copies of the handfasting shall be burnt upon the altar.

7. And the Ceremony of Handparting shall be performed by the Priest or Priestess.

8. And the couple shall be handparted and they shall go their way friends, not enemies, companions in experiences well spent.

9. And when these things have been done, the High Priest or High Priestess shall write a paper of handparting and shall attach it to the priestly copy of the handfasting and these shall be kept within the order of the priesthood.

Chapter Twenty-Six

1. And all our people shall strive to obey the laws of the land.

2. In each country and in each state.

3. Everyone should try to obey the laws that have been set down.

4. In this way, the people shall live in peace and harmony with those around them.

5. And the law shall be to protect those who abide by the law.

6. Therefore, all should raise their children to abide by the law, to respect the law, and when they are older, they shall not depart from these things which they have learned.

Chapter Twenty-Seven

1. The sons and daughters of the Mother Earth shall respect the Great Mother, the Holy Crone.

2. Everyone shall do what is possible in their power to protect the Great Mother Earth.

3. For it is She who gives us life.

4. Therefore, should one of a species be in danger, you should do all that you can to save, to protect, to allow for regrowth of that species.

5. When you sow seeds upon the Earth for food.

6. And it is time to bring in the harvest.

7. Do not take the entire harvest for yourselves.

8. But leave some for the Mother Earth and for the other creatures.

9. That they also shall partake of the bounty that the Mother Earth has given so freely.

10. And should you have to clear the land on which to build your homes...

11. Be careful not to take away that which you do not truly need to destroy.

12. Leave that which is not a hindrance to you.

13. And should you have to take more than you feel the Mother Earth can bear...

14. Then in the place of those things which you have taken, replant and give the Earth back what has been taken from Her.

15. Do not poison the Mother Earth.

16. In all ways respect the Mother Earth and Her trees and Her waters and all Her lands. For it is She who gives life.

17. And Her creatures shall enjoy a life and be able to fulfill the karma that is needed on their journeys.

18. Again We say, respect the Mother Earth and do not bring Her to unnecessary harm.

Chapter Twenty-Eight

1. And should the sons and daughters of the Earth need to kill for food.

2. Then they should only kill that which they can eat.

3. Do not destroy life without cause.

4. Do not take life unnecessarily, all are evolving towards Perfection.

5. And the sons and daughters of the Earth shall not go out to hunt and kill for sport...

6. For this is a malicious hatred visited upon the creatures who live their lives and their karmas.

7. And again, the sons and daughters of the Earth shall not go out to hunt just for the sake of killing...

8. Unless the creature which is killed shall be eaten for food and nourishment.

9. Those individual creatures which are killed and not eaten shall be those creatures which are killed in the defense of others.

10. Or those creatures which are a pest to the crops and destroy or take the food away from those who are in need of food.

11. And those creatures that can be killed are the creatures that may cause harm and those creatures which sting and bite.

12. Those creatures which destroy or cause illness.

13. These creatures, if they happen upon your path, then you may destroy them.

14. But do not go out seeking them in their private homes.

15. Where they are of no harm to others.

16. Again We say unto you, those creatures which you must destroy for food, destroy in a manner which will bring the least amount of pain.

17. And then respect the bodies and do not allow an abomination of them.

Chapter 29 - 36

Chapter Twenty-Nine

1. Let each individual live according to the Spirit of the Light, proving itself by love, kindness, patience, and joy of life.

2. Give devotion daily to the Light, our God and Goddess, and the Lords and Ladies, to be renewed by Their Spirits and Powers.

3. For we are the Children of the Light and the Spirits of our God and Goddess dwell within each of us.

4. And They have given us the spirit of life and joy, of love and victory.

5. And the promise of our spiritual Mother and Father...

6. That They shall not lose one of Their children, but all shall be victorious and will return to the Light from whence all have come.

7. In that promise we find love and peace.

8. And in that promise is our strength and victory.

Chapter Thirty

1. With the end of an incarnation, the individual who passes over to side will find the comforts of their group members awaiting them.

2. And after their initial greeting from the group, any loved ones, instructors that might come over to meet the individual who has passed on to the otherside...

3. Then shall the individual go to the resting place of that group.

4. And the individual shall sleep and rest.

5. And during this rest, the incarnational memories, pain, suffering, desires...all of these shall be slept away.

6. And when the soul has slept and the incarnational memories have been put away, then shall that soul be ready to learn.

7. And the group shall go with that soul that has passed over and meet with the instructors that they may learn of the past incarnation, its experiences and lessons.

8. And after the soul has learned all that can be learned from the experiences and lessons of the last life, then may the group plan on the next incarnation of each member of that group.

9. And therefore the cycle of life, birth, death, and rebirth can continue until all the souls have attained Perfection and may go into the Light.

Chapter Thirty-One

1. And the soul in an incarnation shall live, love, and experience to the end of its fulfillment.

2. Every experience is a lesson learned. Every desire, moment of pain...all of these help fulfill the incarnational cycle.

3. Therefore shall a soul enter into a new body and learn all that may be learned, except all of those things which have been planned and designed by the soul for further spiritual growth and for the fulfillment of the entire group's goal as a whole...towards the attainment of Perfection.

4. And the soul shall not take the life of that incarnation, but shall live to the end of the fulfillment.

5. Those souls which take their own lives have learned nothing and must take all of those things which are not accepted (emotions, pains, impatience, circumstances, unfulfilled desires), into the spiritual world to learn in a place of confinement, away from one's group.

6. And only until all of these things are learned may the soul be released to rejoin the group.

7. For only after the soul has learned those lessons which must be learned and returned to the group can they continue on in their journey towards Perfection.

8. Again We say, do not take your life. For it will only add to the lessons to be learned, experiences to be experienced.

9. But live the life to the end of its fulfillment and the cycle shall not be interrupted.

Chapter Thirty-Two

1. The Children of the Earth, of the Light, should be aware of the world around them, of the governments, of the laws governing their state.

2. Everyone should become active and knowledgeable of the political system within their government. In this way, the government is more aware of its people and shall not take away their liberties and their freedom.

3. Everyone shall respect and utilize the system.

4. Everyone should become an active voter.

5. Let not the government be ruled by one.

6. The ruling government shall be made up of peoples from all walks of life.

7. And in this way ensure that all people within the government or living under the political system shall have justice and shall be counted among the citizens of that government.

Chapter Thirty-Three

1. Age upon age, the Children of the Light have evolved in physical form from creature to creature.

2. And that evolution has moved the children into higher forms throughout the ages. From the first spark to the present.

3. The Children of the Light have taken this form of man as a higher form of their evolving nature in their journey towards Perfection and the Light.

4. And so shall it be until the end of the fulfillment of the Light.

5. And when it has come that the last spark, the last soul, has left the Light on its journey in each incarnation to the fulfillment of its evolution.

6. Then shall the evolving forms on this plane of existence be likened unto those forms on the spiritual plane.

7. Until the forms are identical, having no opposites, but are balanced like unto like, spiritual and physical.

8. Yet even this shall not be the end. For the Light shall make a new creation and all the souls who have throughout eternity of those ages becoming Perfect, even they shall live again in the Perfect Creation of the Light.

Chapter Thirty-Four

1. Even so, the Children of the Light shall not sit and wonder after those things, for the millennia shall be many before these things shall come to pass.

2. Therefore shall the Children of the Light think on those things of the present for their evolvement to Perfection, and for their next incarnation after the attainment of those things needed in the present incarnation.

3. For this knowledge is given to the Children of the Light that they might know it but not sit and wonder after it. For these are the secrets of the Gods and man shall not truly understand them until it is given to them by the Gods. Selah. So shall it be.

4. For truly when that time has come upon the Earth, and this plane of existence, that it shall merge, becoming one with the spiritual plane...

5. All souls will have evolved into a higher spiritual form and even this plane shall be of a higher spiritual form...

6. Then shall all know the time is upon them for the rebirth of every living being. Selah. So shall it be.

Chapter Thirty-Five

1. And the Children of the Light shall work rites to attune themselves with the rhythms of life forces which are marked by the phases of the moon and the seasonal times and cross-times.

2. The Children of the Light shall believe in the creative forces which are called the Light. That the Light is dual, both male and female, God and Goddess, Father and Mother.

3. The Children of the Light shall study to understand the outer world and the inner world, the physical world and the spiritual world.

4. There shall not be one leader only for doctrines and religions; but there shall be leaders, teachers, councils and students.

5. Everyone is growing, expanding, and journeying towards the Light.

6. No one is greater than the other.

7. The Children of the Light shall live to the fulfillment of life in the continuation of evolution as they journey towards Perfection; where they may enter into the Light and once again become One with the Mother and Father of all life.

8. The Children of the Light shall not teach their children of the existence of absolute evil, nor fill their minds with tormenting fear which shall grow with them into adulthood.

9. But the parents of the children shall teach the children wisely, filling them with love of the Light, love of God and Goddess, Father and Mother.

10. The Children of the Light should seek within themselves and within those around them, should seek in nature, that which will help in their growth and development, in their health and well-being.

Chapter Thirty-Six

1. The Master Council has chosen individuals, grouping them together, and a group may be as few as five or as many as thirty.

2. And within each group shall be subgroups.

3. There may be as few as two in a subgroup or as many as ten individuals.

4. And these groups shall journey together through birth, death, and rebirth, supporting one another; and the members of the subgroups shall be helpmates on the journey to Perfection.

5. Groups may come together and become associate group members, one to the other, and in this way lend wisdom and assistance to its associate group.

6. For the Light, our Creators, have said, It is not good that an individual should go out alone on the journey to Perfection, therefore shall We send out groups of individuals to be support and help, one for the other.

7. And the souls in the group shall remain together, level by level, on the journey to Perfection.

8. Should one individual fall by the way, not seeking karmic purity or the Light, the remaining group members shall remain at that level until the one returns to the path to Perfection, the way of the Light.

Chapter 37 - 44

Chapter Thirty-Seven

1. No individual is higher or better than others. For while in the body, each individual is subject to karmic debt and imperfection.

2. No individual shall be esteemed more than others. For each is on a different level, working towards Perfect Divinity, each subject to the same karmic laws as the others who are incarnated


Chapter Thirty-Eight

1. From the Light came every soul that exists, each being a child of the Light, created by the Light.

2. And the Light, our Creators, choose well, deciding which souls shall be grouped together, grouped and sub grouped.

3. Each group having its age and time to leave the Light to begin its journey towards Perfection.

4. And each soul is a spark of the Light, each soul being one part of the whole.

5. As the souls leave the Light, they carry away with them into the journey the very essence, the very being of the Light.

6. Therefore is the Light divided into many, as each soul strives towards that one goal, to experience all things level upon level until Perfected Divinity is achieved.

7. Even so, the Light is divided into many, yet it is still One. For the Creators in the beginning spoke the words and said, They shall all return, for We shall not lose one. Therefore shall We place within them a part of Us.

8. And the Light spoke saying, They carry with them parts of Our Being, therefore from this time shall We not again be complete until they have returned unto Us.

9. And the words They spoke were with the same authority, powers, and intensity with which They used to create the universe and all things.

Chapter Thirty-Nine

1. As it has been said, all things within creation are living and have spirits.

2. And as all things are living, so it follows that all things are vibrational.

3. Everything has its own vibration, those things which are visible and those things which are invisible, the animate and the inanimate, spiritual and physical.

4. Let it be known that upon the physical plane, the vibrations are slow, but upon the spiritual plane, the vibrations are higher, faster.

5. The higher and faster a vibration, the more invisible it becomes until the vibration is so high that it can neither be seen nor touched.

6. Such is the ritual of the ancient priests.

7. Who took the cord and placed upon it a knot of metal at one end then swinging it above their heads faster and faster.

8. Until the cord became almost invisible.

9. And with this cord swinging faster about the head of the priest or priestess, the group about would say the prayers.

10. And so it was believed that the prayers rising through the swinging cord would be swept up in the swift vibrations and carried swiftly to the realm of the Lords and Ladies.

11. This is true. The spiritual realm has the higher vibration. The physical realm has a slower vibration. And below that is even a slower vibration in the realm which was created by the malicious spirits for themselves.

12. A place of lower vibrations in accord with the lower, malicious, mundane entities that dwell within that realm. And the realm of the malicious dwell deep within the planets, the suns, and the stars at the very centers of each with their vibrations so slow, concentrated, compacted and imperceptible.

Chapter Forty

1. When the Children of the Light dwelling within physical bodies wish to bring changes about in accordance with their will, they must move upon the vibrational levels, changing their own psychic vibrations to match those of the spiritual in order to create changes.

2. And in all things, whatever you do seeking to control situations or circumstances, creating, reversing or bringing about change in accordance with one's will...

3. Remember to work with the natural laws and not against them, with the laws of Light and not against them.

4. And in doing so you shall not bring about a debt or cause a thing to happen which you will later regret.

5. And when one has worked the work to bring about the changes, it must be remembered that all thought forms are vibrations.

6. Vibrations of negativity, vibrations of positive sent out in the forms of thoughts shall work with one's power, shall join with the work that has been done beforehand.

7. Remember to keep one's thought forms in a positive light, sending out positive vibrations to continue the work that has been done.

8. Just as the words spoken can create or destroy, bring about health or sickness, so are the thought forms sent out from the Children of the Light.

Chapter Forty-One

1. Except an individual be born, reborn and again reborn, until the soul is perfected, it may not enter into the Light of Lights.

2. Do not be as the lost ones, the malicious individuals, who have forgotten the goal of life...

3. They who wander the spiritual realms not being reborn,

4. They who seek to cause confusion, and fear, and perform deeds of mischief and malice with wicked ones on the physical planes.

5. These are paths of wasted experiences and times, for the individual and for the groups attached to them.

6. And when their wanderings are finished and they again return to the path that leads to Perfection,

7. They shall know sorrow within themselves, that they have detained the groups and subgroups attached to them.

8. Therefore live by the law of the Light, harming none, and should harm come to another by your actions or words;

9. Pay those debts as soon as possible.

10. And in this way, the group shall excel in the path of Light being reborn and when times are finished...

11. The group shall enter the Light of Lights, joyfully, together, to receive the rewards of Perfected Divinity.

12. Here receive the blessings of the Ancient Ones: May your life and your lives to come be in the service of the Light, our Creators, the Mother and Father of All Life. Selah.

Chapter Forty-Two

1. At the end of our ages and cycles of ages, then shall the divine plan of our Creators come to pass.

2. That the physical realms and the spiritual realms shall merge, becoming one.

3. Then shall the souls be grown to maturity, each having attained Perfection, and having gone into the Light.

4. And each soul shall become again physical yet shall be spiritual.

5. The evolution of creation shall be exalted to the highest and each soul shall take on the char-ataractics of the Light of Lights.

6. The worlds shall likewise evolve, and there shall be nothing that has been made that does not evolve into the divine plan of merging realities.

7. In an instant, a twinkling of the eye, and individual may take spiritual form and transport from world to world, or even to the thrones of the Light.

8. Then just as swiftly return to physical form.

9. There shall be no poverty or sickness, no hunger or death.

10. Peace, love and trust shall rule for a cycle of Light; that is to say forty-five billion years.

11. When the cycle of Light is complete and the Light of Light overflows again with new souls;

12. Then shall the Mother and Father of all create a new space within the universe, where the young souls may begin their incarnational journeys toward Perfection.

13. The perfected souls of the previous ages shall be teachers, protectors, and guardians of the young.

14. And the ages and cycles of ages shall start anew.

15. And creation shall evolve, and the souls shall rejoice knowing that the promise of the Light is theirs to claim and again Their vow...

16. That not one soul shall be lost, but all shall attain Divine Perfection, and return to the Mother and Father, the Light of Lights

Chapter Forty-Three

1. And the Children of the Light shall have four Greater Sabbats and four Lesser Sabbats in the cycle of a year and in these sabbats they shall be joyous. And these festivals shall be for the bringing together of the Children of the Light, for the celebration of peace, love, knowledge and worship.

Chapter Forty-Four

1. And all creation has been given to you to be a help in your daily life.

2. As it has been said, one must work with all things of nature and not against them.

3. Use these things that are given of the Light but do not abuse them.

4. Also is given unto the Children of the Light the stars with which they may tell direction, with which they may read at times of birth to get the vibrational pull of each soul and be able to heal the mind and the body by the stars. All of these things are given by the Light to help the Children of the Light. Use them in wisdom.