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Spells 01

Chants And songs
Footprints In The Sand
A Solitary Ritual of Thanks
House Guardian Ritual
Pagan Scriptures - Chapters 1 - 44
Breaking Spells 01


Spell to chat with your cat

What you need: 1 yellow candle (more if you like), your cat, and alot of patience.
It is best to do this on a Wendsday.
Cast your circle. Now sit the candle in front of you. Light it. Place your feline friend behind the candle and get him/her to sit still. Now here is the fun part. Get the filine's attention and make sure throughout the spell that he or she is paying complete attention.
I call upon the power of Athena, The Goddess of Knoledge and Wisdom.
Give me the power for what I teach. Teach this feline the gift of speech.
Hand (cats name) this voice strong and clear. One that only I can hear.
This spell I cast will last until his/her death.
And then at peace, her voice will rest.
Three times three, So mote it be.
Three times three, so mote it be.
Three times three, so mote it be.
Then pick up your feline and give him/her a big embrace. Then thank the goddess for her help.

Confidence Spell

What you'll need: Shell, Yellow candle
Light the candle and hold it in your right hand. Say:
"Please give me confidence So Ican be the best
I failed it once But now I will be better than the rest"
Pass the shell through the flame and say:
"May this be my lucky charm so my wish can come true"
Kiss the shell for good luck and pass it through the flame one last time and say:
"May my charm help me in all I do"

Ending Depression

Recite 3 times the following:

Blessed Mother turn your face,
See with Love this empty space,
Renew my heart with love for life.
Remove from me this pain and strife.

Duplicating Spell

Hold the object in your dominant hand. Close your eyes and visialize two instead of one and as you do say these words...

That which is one
Now becomes two
That which is two
Forever will be
That which will be
Shall appear to you

This spell takes time and it will show when you least expect it.

Ease Another's Sadness

What you'll need:
4 white candles,
2 gray candles,
1 dragons blood incense
Instructions: On a monday night at mifnight, light the incense and place the candles around you. Light the candles while saying a protection spell (preferably the one you usually use.) Then recite 3 times:
Let (full name) feel joy, not pain
Give him/her strength through hard times
Don't let them be sad
Fill them with positive energy
So mote it be, so mote it be, so mote it be

Find a lost familiar

Light white candles of any size. Make sure you have a hair, feather (etc) of your familiar, before you say the spell. The spell may be done in any part of the moon phase, but sooner reciting of the spell will result in sooner finding of the familiar. Here is the spell:
What has been lost I call to thee
Much more than just good company.
Goddess and God, please lend your ears
Please help me find what I hold dear.
Blessed be! So mote it be
Drop the piece of your familiar into the first flame. Write down & memorize the spell. Burn the piece of paper and chant the spell until it is nothing but

Finding lost objects

Keeper of what disappears,
Hear me now -- open your ears.
Find for me what I now seek,
By Moon, Sun, Earth, Air, Fire and Sea.


Whenever you can't find something and you're in a rush just chant:
"Wolves and Fairies, dragons and ghosts,
help me find the thing I need most.
My _________ is lost, cannot be found,
whether lost above or below the ground.
Bring it back to me, SO MOTE IT BE!"
This chant works really well but sometimes things aren't meant to be found.

Finding a Spirit Guide

A "guider" is a spirit with the power to help you through difficult situations. They are not for revengeful purposes or any other sort of evil witchcraft, only to help one to see happiness and comfort.

On a piece of paper, write down what you need help with, then bury the piece of paper with some sage and lilac flowers while saying:

"I am one. Peace and comfort come to me in my time of need. Help me out o gaurdian spirit so I can move my life on foword to see you, to hear your call. Help me out; vanquish all of my fears and then disappear to help another one who is dear."

This has helped me and other witches through a rough time.

Child Protection Spell

Time: Start at New Moon and repeat for full cycle of the moon
Need:A green candle and a black candle and a protective oil
Anoint candle. Light it at the New Moon, and say:
As the Moon waxes, so shall this child's power increase.
Keep him (or her) from harm.
Picture the child surrounded by a ring of light. The more loving energy you invest, the stronger the protection.
Continue every day until the Full Moon. When the lunar tide turns, light a black candle, saying:
As the Moon wanes, so shall danger diminish.
Keep this child from harm.
Visualize darkness fleeing from the ring of flaming light. Continue until the Moon is dark. Repeat as necessary.

Protection Chant


Safety spell

Get a single strand of hair belonging to the person you want to protect.
Blow on it and say,"Keep the circle of good around me____ ."
Chant repeatedly:
From day to night, night to day
keep_________ out of harms way.

Sleep protection

Mix salt & water. Starting at the north point of your bed, sprinkle the mixture around your bed chanting:

Water and earth
Where you are
Cast no spell
Or adverse purpose
Haste if not
In complete accord with me
As my word
So mote it be

Relaxation spell

if you have incense and candles, light them, if not, sit on the floor, or lay on your bed and recite:
'I am peace, I am calm, I am love, trust, hope and quietude, send me the angels of times forgotten, and lead me to peace inside.'
This wont make you fall asleep, obviously, but it will help settle your mind after, say, a hard day at the office, or if you have to sleep, but your too pumped with energy. Hope it helps! :D Merry ye part!
Sleep be mine
On a piece of paper, draw a capital Z with two lines coming out of the middle from the left, and right. Place it under your pillow, and as you lie down and close your eyes chant three times:
"Peace be mine in this sleeping time; dreams be sweet allow me to sleep!"

Spell for Strength

Supplies needed: -Sun or orange oil -1 Red candle -1 White candle
Cast the circle, candles and say:
"North, East, South, West
Earth, Air, Fire, Water
The gift of power to move from the earth.
The gift of strength from the air.
The gift of determination from the fire inside me.
And the gift of energy from the water.
Bless the Lord & Lady for these gifts.
Thank you for the power to move,
thank you for the strength,
thank you for the determination,
and thank you for the energy you gave me.
So Mote it be.
(If you need strength and energy while you are doing something outside of the circle, say the chant to yourself.)

Summon Spirits

Chant this:
Spirits hear my cry
I sommun you from the other side
come to me and cross the grate devide.

A Spell to View a Past Life

First form a circle with white candles, except for four of them which have to be blue.(don't light them yet) Cast your circle. When casting your circle light each of the four blue candles. Walk deosil thrice within your circle. Sit down and take a deep breath. Clear your mind just imagine yourself on a time line and your going back in time while doing this say these words:
I call upon the ancient power
In this most magickal hour
To help me see my past
this spell I cast.
During the next few nights you will have dreams of a past life of yours.

Wishing Spell

*1 coin
*1 sterilized needle
Prick your finger with needle and allow your blood drop to the coin. Chant this while staring to your reflection on water(well,lake,river,sea,etc):
"Water so clear,water so clean. Please take my wishes and bring it to me. What I will ask is what I should get. Please make my wishes come true."
Make a wish then throw or drop the coin into the well/lake/sea/pond/etc....


Combine fresh apple juice with cider aged more than seven days.
Mix in brown and sightly sour apple vinegar along with clear apple brandy.
One ounce honey, one drop of wintergreen.
Stir and warm. Mix well. Take it every day.
To make it work say,
"If I must pay the apple's price;
I shall be young as well as wise;
filling my days and hours pass;
as green and soft as Eden's grass."


A quick way to rid oneself of the "Evil Eye" spell. If you feel someone is wishing you bad luck, spit in their direction three times. If you do not know for sure who this person is, spit to the south three times.


To Help a Friend

You will need: One Candle, bowl, and water

Put the candle in the bowl and pour the water in the bowl. After you have done that light the candle and say:

Little Angel come to me. Help me help my friend in need.
Help (him or her) to find the answer to the quistion she holds in her mind.
Little Angel come to me come and my friend in need.
Little Angel help my friend find (his or her) answer.
Free (him or her) missery that she pleads with me.

After you have said this, think of your friend and blow out the candle.

Healing Sickness


1 candle (carved with a peson of the right sex),

a photo of the person ill

Light the candle and say:

Magic mend and candle burn
Sickness end and good health return

Healing physical pain

YOU NEED: piece of amethyst (as clear as possible), or a piece of Fluorite. a good visualization skill.
Sit in a quiet place and clear your mind of everything you can.
Take the amethyst (or fluorite)and hold it in the hand that is closest to the hurt.(if the pain is in the center of the body hold it in your writing hand.
Imagine a soothing light collecting at your feet and draw it up slowly towards your head filling every part of the body.
Whilst doing this say silently the following verse:
"Bright light, shining light
heal my hurts with all thy might."
Repeat this as you move the light up through the body.
When you reach the top of your head expand to fill outside the head with light for about a foot.
Then return to where the pain is most concentrated, push all your healing energy into this area.
If this doesn't work the first time then repeat. You should feel better soon.
to end the spell repeat the verse again but finish with "so mote it be."
I have tried it out along with others and we have discovered it works very well on pain.

Take away pain

Place your right hand over the pain and circle three times counterclockwise and say the spell three times, once each time you circle your hand.
Goddes take away this pain as the clouds let out the rain

Witch's healing candle spell

To help speed a recovery from illness, write the sick person's name upon a white human-shaped candle of the appropriate gender.
As you anoint it with three drops of myrrh or mint oil, visualize healing energy in the form of white light flowing from your hands into the candle and say:
In the divine name of the Goddess
Who breathes life into us all
I consecrate and charge this candle
As a magical tool for healing.
Place the candle on top of a photograph of the sick person and then light the wick.
As the candle burns down, concentrate upon the person in the photograph, willing him or her to be well again, and chant the following incantation:
Magick mend and candle burn,
Sickness end; good health return.

Invoking Angels

Burn white candle on next full moon before retiring for the night. As you light it say:
"Little Angels, lost and found, Help me while I look around,
bring to me this very night, the thing I seek within my sight"
Then go to bed with a white feather inside your pillow case. Pay particular attention to dream you have that night, it will give you a clue. And if you do not dream then be very aware of your surroundings the next few days, something will jog your memory.
So mote it Be

Knotwork Spells

Take a piece of yarn, threat or string and wave it through burning incense to charge it or charge it mentally. Chose whether it will be a three or a nine knot spell. Say one phrase as you tie each knot.
Basic three knot spell:
I send out my will; I beseech the cosmos; I accept the return.
Tradition nine knot spell:
By knot of one, the spell's begun
By knot of two, I make it true
By knot of three, so mote it be
By knot of four, the open door
By knot of five, the spell's alive (This is the last chance for you to turn back)
By the spell of six, the spell is fixed
By the spell of seven, the earth and heaven
By the spell of eight, the stroke of fate
By the spell of nine, the think is mine

Grow your own money

Need: Various amounts of currency, a green candle and parsley
Arrange the money around the candle. Inscribe the candle with your intent (best to include exact amount or something like "money for phone bill".)
Light the candle and sprinkle a teaspoon of parsley on top, saying:
The money I see is growing.
The money I need will come.
I release my need into the universe.
This flame brings changes into my life.
I welcome them with open arms.
Repeat three times. Allow the candle to burn out.

To obtain money

Need: a green candle, basil, oil, money of all denominations (dollars and coins)
Inscribe the candle with your name and the exact amount of money you need. Anoint candle and roll it in the basil. Surround the candle holder with the money. Light it and say:
Money comes and money grows
Money's mine; to me it flows.

Black Magic Block

I cast you back I have no fear
With the speed of wind and the dark of night
May all of you harboring take flight
With the swiftness of the sea
And all the power found in me
As I will so mote it be


Obtain an oval cat's eye stone mounted in silver. Wear it on a chain as a necklace, ring, bracelet, or ear ring.
When shyness sets in, touch the stone. Let it banish the feeling.


Chant this spell over your vehicle before going on a trip:
"Lady light, be our guide,
Where 'er we are, stand by our side.
Keep us safe by will and might,
Keep us always in your site."


You will need a smooth, rounded stone, smaller than your fist; and some soothing taped music.
Sit while holding the stone and listening to the music in a quiet room at home, or outside, if the weather is nice.
Breathe deeply and rythmically.
Begin inhaling through your mouth, then exhaling through your nostrils with a long, steady humming note.
With each exhalation, make the note smoother and draw it out longer.
Breathe your tension and anxiety into the stone.
When you feel calm and centered, put the stone on the ground, open the circle and walk away.
The stone will dissipate the tension into the Earth, to be transmutted; if you wish, you can retrieve the stone in a day or two for later use.


To help you get peaceful sleep, or if you are having trouble sleeping,
say in a loud voice untill you whisper and then until you are just thinking the words:
"Peace be mine, In this Sleeping time,
Dreams be sweet, Allow me to sleep."


It's best to use pure silk or cotton. Use your favorite color.
Sew it into a pillow shape. Fill with the following herbs:
Flax Seed,
Add Essential Oils:
Lemon Oil,
Lemongrass Oil,
Orange Oil,
Lavender Oil.
Sew the pillow closed. Visualize yourself waking up in the morning having remembered very important dreams.


Sprinkle the soles of your shoes with cinnamon.
Carry some almomds on your person when starting a new day.


Before you go to bed, cover yourself completely under the sheets except for one arm or hand.
With that hand spray some perfume or air freshener, into the air above the sheets and above your body.
After doing so uncover your head and breath in the good fresh scent.
After a few moments chant:
"Mother Goddess Mare, bringer of dreams good and bad
Bless your childs sleep with good dreams so that I might have
A peaceful day and night
So mote it be!


Take some rose petals to a moving water source. Rivers that move away carry energy outward, searching for a response.
Those moving toward oneself, draw love inward.
If no river is available, then turn on a garden hose and point it away from you to make your miniature river.
When you find the appropriate spot in the river (or your hose), toss the petals in the water and say:
"As this rose moves out to sea, so true love will come to me."
Visualize your ideal mate while repeating the chant. The water takes the wish to its target.


Your front door functions as an ideal place for inviting energies of prosperity into your home. To do this, place five shiny pennies beneath your porch. This will encourage both money and love to enter your household. A bit of food under the porch will ensure that you will never know hunger, too.