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Pagan Terms D - L

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Pagan Scriptures - Chapters 1 - 44
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Although usually referred to as Sabbats, these are other days throughout the year that can be considered days of power. These days can be triggered by astrological occurrences, your birthday, a woman's menstrual cycle (also know as the Blood of the Moon), or your dedication/initiation anniversary.


Unlike the initiation ceremony that brings one into an order, the dedication of a Witch is that process where the individual accepts the Craft as their path, and vows to study and learn all that is necessary to reach adeptship in a given tradition. In a dedication, you consciously prepare yourself to accept something new into your life and stick with it, regardless of the highs and lows this action may produce.


In northern hemisphere, clockwise. Counter-clockwise in the southern hemisphere. Direction of motion for creative magick.


Magical method of exploration or inquiry into a situation . The art of peering into the unknown by interpreting random patterns or symbols. Incorrectly referred to as "fortune telling". examples include: tarot cards, the I Ching, rune stones, staring (scrying) into water or fire, etc.


The art/science of using a pendulum or stick to find the actual location of a person, place, thing or element. Dowsing can also be used to answer yes or not questions, and quite a science has developed by holding a pendulum over a specially designed chart to answer specific questions on life patterns.


A ritual used during the Full Moon by Witches to empower themselves and unite their essence with a particular deity, usually the Goddess. Ritual invocation of the spirit of the Goddess into the body of the High Priestess by the High Priest.


A practical form of magick wherein the powers and forces of Earth Mother are used to conduct magickal workings or celebrations. Usually items associated with the Earth and nature hold a particular significance in the ritual or spell.


Earth, air, fire, and water, plus spirit, which includes them all. These are regarded as realms or categories of nature (both material and non-material) and are not to be confused with the physicists table of elements, which the modern witch, of course, accepts.


Many Wiccan organizations have a group or board of Elders who oversee the operations of the church and its variety of functions. These people have usually gained their positions through a combination of their abilities, which may include education, experience, magickal adeptship and counseling.


A magickal object that must be kept absolutely secret and hidden from all human eyes ands affects a hidden aura. Enchantments must be charmed first. Gems and magickal writing are good items for Enchantments


Weekly or biweekly meeting of a coven. Any Wiccan religious celebration held which is not a sabbat, commonly held on full moons in honor of the goddess. EVOCATION: To call something out from within.


Either a Witch's pet animal, which has been trained to be a magickal helper, or an artificially created "elemental" which performs the same functions as the animal friend.


A mental effort to control another animal or person's mind. It has been referred to as "mind-bending." Although the tecchnique of fascination runs a borderline when considering humans, it should not be totally trashed. Using it for a love spell would be unethical, and much like committing psychological rape. But if you found yourself in an unsafe situation where your person (or friend or family member) is in real physical danger. "Lest in self defense it be", use what you need to be safe.


Greek Goddess, now meaning Earth Mother or Mother Earth. Environmental action groups use this term almost as much as we do, if not more these days.


Tradition of Witchcraft descended from the teachings of Gerald Gardner.


An "entity" or "elemental" that dwells in the plane of Earth or is associated with the EARTH Element.


Loving father to all and the perfect compliment to the Goddess. He is viewed as co-creator of the universe. Often identified with the sun, sky deserts, forests, agriculture, and wild animals. not to be confused with the monotheistic Christian concept of 'God' he is part of a pair.


Definitions differ but Generally the universal mother of all who created the universe with the god. Often associated with the Moon, ocean, earth, fertility, birth and death.


The rite which is the main feature of the third degree initiation, and which is also laid down for certain festivals. It is sexual in nature, but may be `actual' (and private to the couples concerned) or symbolic or on the astral level, as the participants wish.


Another name for the God, as in his kingdom of the forest.


Ceremonial magicians use the Guardians of the Watchtowers or Guardians of the Four Quarters. Some Witches use them, too. There are those that see these Guardians as lizards, dragons, etc. But Silver envisions them as the angels Michael, Ariel, Raphael and Gabriel, which follows the Judeo-Christian backgrounds.


Name used by some traditions for Samhain, or Halloween. Many consider this a Christian word/meaning.


Wiccan equivalent of a wedding. It can be made legal if the Priestess and/or Priest are registered as clergy with the local authorities, or it may only be considered binding within the coven.


Technically speaking, a Witch who has received the 3rd degree initiation. More usually, the male and female leaders of a coven.


An experience that so transforms the individual that their concept of personal and worldly reality has been altered. A dedication ceremony should not be confused with an initiation rite.


The ritual "calling-in" of an entity (or energies) higher than human, either for communication with the caller through a medium or by visible manifestation or else to enter into a human body as in the Drawing Down the Moon. In some traditions, a Prayer. The Lady and lord are Invoked


The belief that one's thoughts and deeds can be either counted against them or added to their spiritual path during several life times. In Sanskirt it means "action." Follow the law of cause and effect.


A term that points to those people who feel that they are justified in using magick for purposes that are not constructive to other human beings or other entities in general. A negative use of energy. It is a reference that they are possibly a self-serving individual. Conversely, the right-hand path is considered positive in nature.