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Wiccan A,B,C's

Chants And songs
Footprints In The Sand
A Solitary Ritual of Thanks
House Guardian Ritual
Pagan Scriptures - Chapters 1 - 44
Breaking Spells 01


Accept others as they are, we are all individuals.

Belief in yourself is a necessity.

Concentration is important in any endeavor, both magickal and in life.

Do what you will, so long as it harms none.

Empathy is an important life skill...learn it, practice it.

Find strength in yourself, your friends, your world and your actions.

Goddess/God's are multifaceted - The Lord and Lady take many names and faces.

Help others every change you get.

Intelligence is something that cannot be judged on the surface.

Judge not - what you send out comes back to you!

Karma loves to slap you in the face, watch out for it.

Learning is something that should never stop happening!!!

Magick is a wonderful gift, but it is not everything!

Nature is precious, appreciate it and protect it.

Over the course of time, your soul learns many lessons. Make this life count!!!


Quietness both physically and mentally restores the soul, meditate often.

Remember to take time for yourself as well as others.

Spells can help you, but you must also help yourself.

Tools can only do so much, they are not the foundation of all. You are the most important tool to use!!!

Unless you enjoy worrying, keep a postive attitude.

Visualise the success of your goals before you set out to achieve them.

Wisdom can often be found in the least unexpected places.

Xenophia (a hatred of those different from you) is a path to misery.

You are a beautiful person who is capable of anything!!!

Zapping away all of your troubles is not going to happen.