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The real Secret of Spell Casting & What Is A Spell ?

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The real Secret of Spell Casting

The power that makes a spell work is not to be found in some new recipe book.The real power that makes a spell work dwells within you, and surrounds you. The real secret of successful spellcasting, as with all magic, is your connection to divinity, within and without. Your thoughts, willpower, feelings, and physical exertions are actually all expressions or forms of this divine energy -- just as air, water, fire, and earth are all forms of divine energy. When you understand the true nature of the energy you work with, you can make real magic.

9 Steps to Casting Your Spell

1. cast a circle and connect with the divinity within

2. call upon the divinity from without

3. state the goal of your spell

4. visualize your goal

5. raise energy by chanting, dancing, or drumming

6. direct your energy to the spell's goal

7. release the energy of your spell, ground any excess energy

8. offer libation and thanks and close your circle

9. act in accord and give back in thanks

Casting a spell? Don't forget to:

- decide on your goal

- find guidance for your spell from an oracle or divation tool

- prepare your space by cleansing with salt water or herbs such as sage

- read Witchcraft Without Rules

5 Facts for Successful Spellcasting:

Passion fuels a successful spell; doubt can kill it.

Spells can be performed almost anywhere -- though I don't recommend attempting it while in the midst of rush-hour traffic! You do need to work without being disturbed when you cast a spell. So find a quiet and private place, preferably outdoors.

Once you've cast a spell, don't talk about it -- or even think about it -- for 24 hours!

An old axiom says that spells should rhyme. A rhymed spell has rhythm and joyfulness in it, it's easy to remember and repeat, and the repetition itself creates an altered, magical consciousness.

A spell is only used to control yourself, never another or Nature and remember, you should not do spellwork on someone else's behalf without their permission.


































A spell is a way of focusing energy to make a change;

an old form of magic.

It is a way in which one uses energy to create a desired result. It's magic in the form of a prayer.

One must have complete control and self disipline over oneself to be able to make a spell work.

Guidelines to writing your own spell

In making spells it helps to write things out in an outline first, and then work your ritual out from there. Here is an outline to use.

Define the goal of the ritual

Decide when and where you will work, keeping in mind lunar phases and days of the week.

Find or create an appropriate chant (a simple rhyme will do)

If you will be invoking a God or Goddess, decide on which one and write out any special prayers that you could use to call that deity

Plan how to visualize your goal in mind, describe it.

Decide on any correspondences that you want in your ritual, write these down and decide on how to include these in your ritual.

With all this written out you are ready to decide how you will perform the ritual.